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The electronics industry has been impacted over the last few decades by an incredible influx of technology, reducing prices and tightening the margins for consumer electronics while making high tech devices standard in every home. This rapid technological innovation has spawned a growth in the electronics components industry (i.e. wires, cables, microprocessors, etc.) to support the increased demand for electronics. However, these manufacturers have been tasked to develop component parts faster and cheaper than ever before. In order to maintain profit margins, many electronics manufacturers have looked for cost savings in their supply chains. Mitgo Inc. can help you do this, without sacrificing the white glove quality service your valuable products require.

A significant portion of electronics manufacturing is occurring in Asia. To this end, it is important to deal with a transportation consultant that has both international connections to get the best prices to bring freight into North America from overseas, and also has feet on the ground in Canada in order to distribute these products quickly and effectively without any costly damages to these high-value products. We understand that import taxation can make it financially attractive to set up final assembly plants in target markets. We can help your business import these components for final assembly and deliver the completed product to your customers.

And by customers, we mean retailers or end users. With the extreme growth of the e-commerce channel, many electronics manufacturers are selling straight to consumers. We have C-level connections at the market leaders for home delivery. Well ensure your product is delivered to residential addresses on time by friendly, uniformed and conscientious drivers.

Whether youre a manufacturer, supplier, dealer, distributor, or retailer, Mitgo Inc. is your go-to source to get your electronics and electronic components to market in a timely manner to remain competitive.

Manufacturing Logistics:

Streamline your manufacturing logistics by receiving vendor parts just in time, minimizing inventory levels and reducing costs by consolidating deliveries. Let Mitgo Inc.s consultants manage your vendors to schedule materials to arrive when you need them.

Services Include:
  • JIT delivery
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor management & scheduling
  • Kitting, pick and pack
  • Packaging consultations
  • Order fulfillment

After Sales Logistics:

Sometimes returns are necessary. Let Mitgo Inc.s significant experience and expertise with returns management systems assist you with all your after sales logistics.
  • Returns Management Systems
  • Repairs & Refurbishment
  • Replacement Orders
  • Disposal & Destruction
  • Returns inventory management

Direct to Consumer:

Selling directly to the consumer through the internet requires a completely different type of service, oftentimes reducing the duration and cost of the entire supply chain.
  • Appointment-based home deliveries
  • One or Two Man service
  • Various service levels to choose from (i.e. curbside, first point of entry, room of choice)
  • In-home Assembly and Installation
  • Smaller equipment designed for use in residential neighbourhoods
  • Direct from Consumer Returns Management
  • Removal and Disposal of packaging
  • Removal and Disposal of old item

Contact us to find out more about how Mitgo Inc. can help power your electronics supply chain.

Mitgo Inc - Canadian Transportation Consultant / Broker - Burlington, Ontario, Canada - 905-861-2790

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