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Founded in 2006, Mitgo Inc. is a full-service transportation consulting firm specializing in improving the performance of its clients’ supply chain. Our services cover the entire gamut. We connect shippers directly with carriers, we manage your relationships with transportation providers, we conduct in-depth supply chain analysis and design, and we work within clients’ organizations to attract, retain, and motivate top-flight sales and marketing teams.

Mitgo Inc.’s competitive advantage lies in its network connections, connecting your business with the executives at many leading transportation carriers. This allows you to get back to your business and let Mitgo Inc.’s consultants manage any and all aspects of your supply chain. When you need to know important, time-sensitive information about your freight, why waste time dealing with a sales rep when Mitgo Inc. can connect you with the carrier’s CEO, Owner, or President?

Built on a solid foundation of integrity, trust, and innovation, combined with our consultants’ extensive experience in the transportation industry, Mitgo Inc.’s goal is to deliver quality, strategic transportation planning consultations to help our clients get the most out of their supply chain.

Mitgo Inc.’s experienced consultants have been carefully selected for both their breadth and depth of experience. They have the broad, strategic background which comes with years of experience but also have the specialized knowledge of specific industries and components of the supply chain. With expertise in network design, Ground & Air, Intermodal, Home Delivery, Transborder, and International, Mitgo Inc. can help design a supply chain solution that seamlessly integrates with your organization.

Mitgo Inc. delivers exceptional value and results by:

  • Increasing the value of clients’ supply chain budgets through cost savings and route optimization
  • Understanding the areas where carriers have cut costs but aren’t passing on those savings to the shipper
  • Optimizing the carrier mode and mix to ensure all your freight moves in the most efficient manner to suit your service, quality, and cost requirements
  • Designing and implementing an organizational structure which supports a high performance supply chain

To find out more about our services and how we can drive inefficiencies out of your supply chain, please contact us.

Mitgo Inc - Canadian Transportation Consultant / Broker - ?Burlington, Ontario, Canada - 905-861-2790

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